The Basics (Read This First)

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced body builder, you NEED to understand the basic anatomy of your chest muscles before you can build them to their full potential. A lot of people waste hours at the gym yet their chest doesn't grow. Meanwhile, their shoulders and arms are progressing nicely. Why do you think this is?

Build Your Chest With Pushups!

Pushups are a very underrated exercise for developing the chest muscles. On the one hand, it is a very famous exercise, but on the other hand, many people think it is far too easy and therefore a waste of time. If you are an advanced body builder with an already large chest, this may indeed be true. However, if you are on this website in the first place, the chances are that your're unhappy with your current chest size and I therefore HIGHLY recommend you perfect the basics first, starting with pushups. You can build a respectable base with just your bodyweight, and pushups will stimulate the entire pectoralis major muscle if done with perfect technique.

How To Build The Inner Chest, Outer Chest, etc.

A lot of people complain that a certain portion of their chest is underdeveloped. Both in the gym and on internet forums, you will hear countless people say things like "I want to build my inner chest", or "How do I grow the lower/outer part of my chest?". Alot of these people have one thing in common; they are beginners and/or their chest is lacking in size overall. These individuals should continue doing basic exercises like pushups for the time being, and not worry about specialising on specific parts of the chest. If, however, you honestly feel that you have some decent mass overall, but are lacking in some areas, here is a bit of information that could help you.

Dumbbell Flyes - One Of The BEST Chest Exercises

Flat barbell bench press is not the best chest exercise, regardless of what you may have heard. It may be good for increasing your strength if you are an athlete such as a football player. However, in terms of actually developing the chest muscles and recruiting a maximum number of muscle fibres, there are better exercises. The dumbbell fly is a phenomenal exercise, perhaps the uncrowned king of chest exercises. I firmly believe that if you are a beginner, after pushups, dumbbell flyes are the next exercise you need to learn, master and perfect.

Bench Press - Barbell vs Dumbbells

The good old fashioned flat bench press is one of the most famous exercises, and probably the most popular in gyms all across the world. There are two methods to perform this exercise, both with their own advantages and disadvantages: the barbell bench press and the dumbbell bench press.